After 1 time appraisal and approval of his records Nguyen Ba Toan , to March 25, 2015, the Copyright Bureau – Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has issued the certificate of copyright for Nguyen Ba Toan the Work ” ODC – premature ejaculation treatment method without medicine “


Certificate of Authorship "ODC - methods to overcome premature ejaculation without medicine," he Nguyen Ba Toan

After a long period of personal experience, finding stuff on the Internet, refer to the work of scientists at home and abroad on the subject of physical disability man, about methods of overcoming ejaculation early without medicine , the ability to orgasm several times in men . Be advised by scientists, doctors and foreign male faculty. Nguyen Ba Toan 2011 he completed studies ” ODC – Methods to overcome premature ejaculation without drugs “.

Between 2012 Toan start putting this method to the community . To date ODC method he has helped more than 2000 people in Vietnam and abroad completely get rid of premature ejaculation . Not only that many of his students Full likely prolonged arbitrary relationship to the 30 minute, 60 minute or longer. Some students also have the ability to achieve orgasm multiple times during a relationship.

Practitioners of ODC program after the program is their sex lives greatly improved . No fatigue after sex. They totally confident before you love, they become heroes in the eyes of partners, confident in communication, as well as other social activities, their work help develop and succeed in their careers (When they are confident about the physiology, the other sectors also older men more confident and often achieve great success in a few years).

As this is a sensitive subject so his program has not been communication Full widely in the media, as well as very few students share the ODC to others. However from 2014 to date, the program has spread ODC strongly on the internet, help bring great opportunity for many people who want to improve physiological 1 how safe , efficient and economical

 Anyone even if students center ODC distribute content in any program forms are violations of law ( See copyright here )