Students participating ODC very diverse, engaged normal age from 20-60 years old, there are individual cases ODC engaged only 16 years old, or have the doctor over 70 years old are still in the program. Students participate largest ODC aged 40 to 55 years old. Among them, the percentage of students that intellectuals largest proportion of about 70%. Why so crowded?

1. Do only those internet users can know this method. Since this method is new and modern, not many people know and propaganda. Intellectuals often use computers or smartphones to find out information on the Internet so they will know to this method. The farmers go to the fields just before dinner to watch television and go to bed, it can not be said to ODC.

2. Among those known ODC shall be presented intellectuals with knowledge of science and technology and life most important in the social strata. They always think the best solution to improve your health 1 securely. They fear other solutions like pills, surgery side effects caused incalculable damage, or stroke can occur. They fear the pig pig cure lame healed. Overall this is a very smart choice of the intellectual elite

3. intellectual elites often use modern payment methods such as bank transfer, online bank transfer, the payment form in commerce from others so they do not have the psychological fear of losing convenient. Besides their knowledge and help them identify reliable unit or not. The fraud case in ecommerce recently mainly peasants or those with low levels of society so prone words fascinate.Intellectuals, they use intelligence and logical thinking to decide, and they typically accurate decisions.

4. intellectual elites often do the hard work, high technology, need to think very much as they were nervous tension, stress, prone to premature ejaculation condition than other classes

5. intellectual elites to work more time, there is little time for exercise, sports exercise, should usually not toned body healthy. This also makes them susceptible to premature ejaculation than the other classes

6. intellectual class lifestyles of modern civilization, they are not afraid to talk about himself. They see the problem with premature ejaculation is a very ordinary story like many other issues of life. They feel comfortable talking about sex, they are not ashamed to ask for advice center solutions.

Do synthesized these factors makes the percentage of participants are intellectuals in society occupies one very large percentage of the participants of the program ODC

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