Reply: You can fully participate ODC. ODC program serves all grown men have trouble having sex, suffering from premature ejaculation – physiologically weak.

According to the program, the ODC of program participants are diverse, with people at just 18 years of age, with older people to 70 years old. Age accounted for the largest proportion was from 35-55 years old. In this age group, the percentage of people with sexual problems is huge. He is in this group should be realistic about the same age of his students make up the majority at ODC

He assured that his age, there are a lot of people had problems with sexual problems, the rate may account for 70%. Because in this age male sex hormones has declined significantly, leading to decreased libido, erectile and reduce premature ejaculation

These cases had PE with age as he is tackling is very easy and the success rate can reach 99 -100%

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