There are many people who want to participate but have concerns ODC ask: “If I transfer money then but received no information, why?

Center ODC would respond as follows:

– First, the Centre launched ODC to support community men physiological weakness, premature ejaculation

– The center has a clear address published on the website, you can come directly to the Center for tuition and retrieve passwords always (username and password to login to the website and learn online on website). You get complete new password must pay tuition.

– If you are away, can ask friends and family through the center in Hanoi to pay tuition is to get information to help

– The customer will receive login information for online learning is a matter of course, not only that we are committed to that: if students finish the course without progress, the center ODC will refund 100 % tuition

– Upon receipt of customer tuition transfer, please contact the Center ODC via the Hotline 0969645151, we will send the login information via email to you. If you do not have the email we will send the login information to the mobile phone of the customer.

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