If students completed the program ODC but really no progress, the center ODC will refund 100% of tuition fees as initial commitment

Procedures to regain tuition very simple, without check, just rely on the honesty of the participants.Students only need to do one single job that handwritten 1 paper commitments (disagree typing) telling the truth and send center ODC is. Students can pass ODC center in Hanoi to take back the tuition or central bank will transfer students

Sample the following commitments:

Form to request reimbursement of tuition for students who do not succeed - students must commit to declare true

– Up to now the number of participants ODC was 3000 students, but there are only 2 students write a written request for a refund of tuition proportion 0.006%, a very small percentage. That said, the practical effect of the program is very high ODC, higher than any other method and one special thing that no other method that is sustainable, stable, long term of ODC method.

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