Program ODC is committed to supporting students 24 hours a day and 7 days per week. Any time students can also get support from the experts of the center ODC. There are the following forms of assistance:

1. Comment on the website , this is the normal way and the most popular practitioners or used.Students will submit questions here and a team of program ODC will answer all questions as well as share of the practitioners. Currently there are countless websites comment share extremely useful experience of other practitioners, especially with many successful students also shared here. The new students will have access to and learn from the knowledge of the participants were successful.

2 . Chat support on website: use this option when students have questions and need answers right away, there are many questions want to swap out. But this way sometimes students may have to wait one bit because the number of visitors to the website and required tremendous support very much

3. Email . Students can send an email to the experts by email after ODC: [email protected] The problem of students, but still must submit all term problems, should discuss regularly, or simply students who want to get personal advice, you can choose to program email solution

4. Call the hotline number 09696.45151 see him whole, to answer any questions. Students often use this solution as needed to support higher, faster, or not understanding

How to support 2 is for the customer to visit the website and the students. The first is a privilege reserved for the students of the ODC.

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