• Understanding the difficulties of the students of economic conditions on narrow and largely depends and the parental allowance. Program ODC have preferential regime for students, trainees are students 50% compared with the provisions (including for tuition were Deals

    Students who are in their prime age. However, there is one number you suffer disabilities premature ejaculation congenital or due to living habits unreasonable, especially the habit of masturbation.Masturbation appropriate level is okay, but if abused, it is very harmful to health and mental and premature ejaculation is entirely probable for the students.

    We encourage students to consciously overcome premature ejaculation as soon as possible due to long it can leave very unfortunate consequences. When you’re young, the healthy remedy premature ejaculation is easier when you have aged a lot. Also patients with premature ejaculation also makes your spirit seriously affected, affecting the confidence and vitality as well as the aspirations of the students very much. And after all you love or marriage, then you will suffer from feelings of inferiority, and the risk of family disintegration happy.

    To be entitled to the fee you need to prove you are enrolled in one field.

    The best way is you through ODC in Hanoi center to register and bring necessary papers to prove it.

    If you are in remote provinces, you need to take pictures with the student card you sent to the program ODC

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