When you succeed with ODC , you’ll have the ability to orgasm several times in 1 relationshipsex . You will master the ability to peak and orgasm without ejaculation. You will ejaculate at orgasm last time if you want. ODC makes it easy to control the relationship of time, you will be able to prolong the relationship as you want. You can easily satisfy any woman


If orgasm repeatedly against women is now well known, while for men it is the first question for a lot of people. However the study ODC went into practice, the orgasm multiple times is totally doable for men . There have been many studies of the scientists in the world on multiple orgasms for men you can refer below:

  • Robbins Research and Jensen

  • Hartman and Fithian Research

  • Kinsey and Masters Studies

  • Research Kothari

For ODC when students compliance exercise and diet, the process reaches the mastery of time the relationship is easy and absolutely can achieve the highest level have an orgasm several times during a relationship sex.

Prolonged arbitrary relations 30-60 minutes or longer, making you love to orgasm several times in the first time you have sex is something that 90% of the ODC has been achieved. And 30% of the best students can self myself to orgasm several times in 1 ties

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