ODC is a method of online learning on the Internet (on the website of the central system ODC).Student’s Guide Exercise and diet science curriculum has been studied and are certified by the Department of copyright Copyright – Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (see certificate)

Students are granted user and password to log in and learn on the website. Lesson content is presented as: word + photos + video

Students will learn in turn one by one. Unlike some other programs 1 trainee posted 1 times all through email, or log on to the website to see all assignments are.

ODC Why require students to study one by one:

– Let the students required to use one particular sequence, avoiding skipped school students will not achieve high results

– In the course of the reciprocal exchange with coach

– When students understand the lesson and fulfill the requirements of the lesson, the coach will be posted next

– Coach grasp the situation of student learning through each exercise, to be able to advise students a way that works best and most effectively

Participants will learn to turn all the ends of the 28 curriculum

After completing the course, students can return to school or website updated with new knowledge anytime

After finishing the course, the students can Comment, chat, email, phone anytime for assistance from experts ODC

After studying the accounts of participants remained reserved, center ODC reserve account pledged lifelong learners and support learners Lifetime

After finishing the course, all participants’ benefits are guaranteed as 1 new ordinary students

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