That’s the first question people are working and living in foreign countries, they wonder what can participate ODC in Vietnam? The answer is fortunately they can fully participate one way normal and has all the rights:

– ODC method on the internet to learn online where students can learn, just with an internet connection (via computer or mobile phone with 3G)

– The fact that there are many people in Vietnam are working and living in foreign countries have been participating ODC (ODC In the future the program will have the English version to serve all mankind worldwide good)

– The percentage of people who live and work at ODC foreign participation accounted for about 10-20%. Most come from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, the US, Russia …

– Foods that program ODC given are foods that are cheap and very popular in the country that also.Just off the market or supermarket was acquired

Form of payment of tuition for overseas Vietnam 1 little bit different. Usually students choose one of three forms:

1. Payment via paypal if students have a Paypal account (emailed [email protected])

2. Students to center ODC deposits (bank money transfer services to take place)

3. Transfer of Vietnam or by relatives in Vietnam through the center of Hanoi ODC tuition or bank transfer

After receiving tuition center ODC will send your login information (username and passwords) to students via email, message … that students can learn immediately.

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