The procedure for registering the program ODC very simple: Students just finished tuition and inform center 09696.45151 ODC know via the Hotline. Students will be issued a username and password to log into the website after 30 minutes as students can start studying

The steps are as follows:

1. Fill out the registration form here:
Note: Information email and phone number is important, need to type accurately

2. Complete tuition.
Note: fees are calculated at the time of payment practitioners, rather than at the time of students fill out the registration form (of course if the same day, the same)
Students have four forms of tuition:

2.1. Tuition directly in the center (Click to view map)
This form suitable for those who are living in Hanoi, or who need further counseling at the Centre before joining. Students will be given an account (username and password) at the center

2.2. Tuition via bank transfer or ATM (Click to view your bank account)
This form suitable for remote clients Hanoi, or do not have time to cross the center closed. After the transfer is complete, students call the Hotline for attending password (Each student has one personal username and password)

2.3. Tuition account via Paypal (Click for transfer)
This form suitable to Vietnam who are living abroad. With this method the client must pay higher tuition charges 1 bit because Paypal service

2.4. Send cash to ODC center with the following information:
– Recipient: Nguyen Ba Toan,
– Phone number 0969645151,
– Address: P1110, 34T Building, Hoang Dao Thuy Street, Cau Giay District, Ha Noi City
* Students living in Vietnam often choose 1 and 2. Those living abroad often choose 3 and 4

3. Contact center ODC to be issued a username and password
Students can contact notifications via email or paying phone, chat …
Hint: It is calling for the inspection information go faster

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