Although there are many reports of MMO phenomenon, there is some question as to whether there really is an orgasm completely or just a continuation of orgasm previous incomplete “.

       – “ Encyclopedia of sex “, Westheimer, R., 1994, p. 194

Dr. Westheimer was right to question the accuracy of the report before working cuuRutgers MMO.

Previous studies at Rutgers in 1995, only 5 scientific research is done on MMO. No research has been specifically recorded or documented confirmation of authenticity of the nature of the MMO. In each case, the technical control premature ejaculation are applied to stop some time to recover after orgasm.

Only Rutgers researchers have succeeded in recording the ability to orgasm several times in menwithout time to recover .

Below is an overview of the situation and the findings of a previous study:

Look at Rutgers (1995)

Research Kothari (1989)

Kinsey and Masters Studies & Johnson (1966, 1986)

Study Robbins & Jensen (1978)

Research & Firhian Hartman (1984)

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